Outdoor facilities

Outside the main building we have a large lanai (terrace) where you can stay if you want to be outside. You may also use our second floor balcony which has a magnificent view over the sea.

On our beach you can rent tables, enjoy sunbathing and swimming or take a sailing trip with one of our boats.

The price for a table is 500 Pesos for the whole day. Please note that it has to be paid in advance.

We have two boats, each with a capacity of 15 persons. For 50 Pesos you can take a sightseeing tour which lasts for about an hour. If you want to hire a boat for yourself, you have to negotiate the price with the boat's captain. We can recommend a trip to the coral reef, where you can swim, dive and see corals. If you bring your lunch in the boat, you can stay there for the whole day.

At the nearby fish port, which is within walking distance from My Beach Resort, you can buy different kinds of fresh fish and seafood at reasonable prices.

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Relaxation area on the second floor balcony

Sea view from the second floor balcony

The lanai seen from above

Table on the lanai

Tables on the beach at the cottage

Our two boats

The beach

The beach

Fish at the fish port

Some big fish at the fish port

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